Upgrading Yak On!

You may directly download the new software without first deleting the old version, and your BlackBerry
will prompt for permission to upgrade. If for any reason the upgrade fails, you should delete the software and re-install.

To delete the old version

Option one, deleting directly off the phone:

a) Go to Options->Applications and choose any application
b) Select "Modules" from the track wheel menu
c) Scroll to the bottom and choose Yak On! and select Delete from the trackwheel menu. You don't need to reboot the phone yet, do that after deleting YakOnPrefs
d) Repeat step c for YakOnPrefs
e) It is important that the phone reboots after deleting YakOnPrefs and before installing the upgrade

Option two, deleting using the Desktop Manager:

a) Download YakOn.zip (If you have not already) and unzip it
b) Connect your Blackberry to your PC via the USB cable
c) Start the Desktop Manager and choose "Application Loader"
d) If Yak On! is not listed, add it by pointing the Application Loader to YakOn.alx from the zip file you unzipped above
e) Make sure the check marks are unchecked to the left of Yak On!
f) Select "next" to delete Yak On off the device.

After deleting the old version, download the new version

Yak On!