What network settings do I need so that Yak On! can connect?
Both services require access point name (APN) information to be filed out in HomeScreen ––> Options ––> TCP for users using WAP. For BES, socket connections must be enabled and both the BES and corporate firewall must not block the socket connections to the IM servers.

AIM connects, but MSN does not. What settings need to be changed?
The most likely cause of MSN connection failures is the TLS setting for the device. Go to HomeScreen ––> Options ––> TLS and make sure that the TLS is set to “Handheld” and not “Proxy”. Setting it to Handheld will cause all secure sockets layer encryption to happen on the device. This is required during the MSN sign-on process.

I accidentally selected to block connections from Yak On! at the device’s firewall. How do I reset the firewall to allow connections?
If you accidentally block connections from Yak On!, you can reset your device’s firewall by going to HomeScreen ––> Options ––> Firewall and selecting “reset” from the track wheel menu. Note that this will cause the firewall to prompt for every application that makes network connections when they first attempt a connection after the reset.

How do I find out what version of Yak On! I am running?
Go to HomeScreen ––> Options ––> Applications and select Yak On! The version number for Yak On! will be displayed in the right hand column.

I have changed devices, how can I update my license for my device?
Email support@softcentral.com with your old PIN and the order number from your invoice, along with your new PIN. We will update our licensing database.







“Yak-On is a fantastic IM client for
the Blackberry....it has been very stable
for my 8700c...I look forward to future
releases. Thanks!”
– Mashud from Elmwood Park, NJ

– close layer –


“Thanks a lot! Appreciate it.
Love the software, good work. ”
– Justin from Deltona, FL



“Amazing worked perfectly and thanks
for the speedy reply. Everyone I work with
will be buying yak on in the next week or so.
I got them way into it and one of the guys
to switch from sidekick to this because of
Yak On‘s price and workability.
Thanks again!!’
– Matt from Los Angeles, CA



“I'm very impressed... and
feel my money was well spent.
Thanks for the quick response,
resolution, and implimentation!’
– Cabrill from Roy, UT



“Nice interface by the way. I’d only
used QuickIM before and that was like
using a piece of software made in 1980.”
– Lee from Vancouver, Canada


“Yak-On is a fantastic IM client
for the Blackberry.”
– Mashud: Elmwood Park, NJ

“Nice interface...”
– Lee: Vancouver, Canada

“I'm very impressed...”
– Cabrill: Roy, UT

“Amazing worked
perfectly” – Matt:
Los Angeles, CA


“Love the software,
good work.”
– Justin: Deltona, FL

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