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“Yak-On is a fantastic IM client for
the has been very stable
for my 8700c...I look forward to future
releases. Thanks!”
– Mashud from Elmwood Park, NJ

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“Thanks a lot! Appreciate it.
Love the software, good work. ”
– Justin from Deltona, FL


“Amazing worked perfectly and thanks
for the speedy reply. Everyone I work with
will be buying yak on in the next week or so.
I got them way into it and one of the guys
to switch from sidekick to this because of
Yak On‘s price and workability.
Thanks again!!’
– Matt from Los Angeles, CA



“I'm very impressed... and
feel my money was well spent.
Thanks for the quick response,
resolution, and implimentation!’
– Cabrill from Roy, UT

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“Nice interface by the way. I’d only
used QuickIM before and that was like
using a piece of software made in 1980.”
– Lee from Vancouver, Canada

“Yak-On is a fantastic IM client
for the Blackberry.”
– Mashud: Elmwood Park, NJ

“Nice interface...”
– Lee: Vancouver, Canada

“I'm very impressed...”
– Cabrill: Roy, UT

“Amazing worked
perfectly” – Matt:
Los Angeles, CA


“Love the software,
good work.”
– Justin: Deltona, FL

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